General Remote Viewing or CRV  mentoring.

Stuck in a rut?  Need further help?

We fully understand that learning CRV (Controlled Remote Viewing) and any other form of Remote Viewing is a long and sometimes hard & lonely process. Especially when fitting it in amongst all the things life throws at you.

If you find you need help, a refresher or just general help and mentoring – then I am happy to help you with some one-to-one mentoring from my experience in over two decades of practice, client & project work.

Whatever stage or part of RV you are having a problem with, whatever method you practice or have questions about – we can work through this together.

I’m happy to just chat, look at your RV work, analyse or critique, answer questions that you may have, whatever is bothering you or whatever need you have – I can try to help.

This will most probably be on hourly rate basis. Email me with what you feel you need and I can give you a quote and we can work from there.