Enclosed below are a few testimonials from the amazing people I have been so far lucky to mentor.


Training with Daz has been an amazing and immersive experience.  Daz’s knowledge of the process, history and people of remote viewing along with his worksheets and training methods are top notch.  It is his personal attention and access that really makes the training special.  Daz is extremely generous with his time and makes himself available to his students for questions or general discussions almost anytime.  You definitely feel like you are part of a family when you train with Daz.

Daz takes you through all 6 steps of CRV as well as his own twists on the process that he has developed over the past 25 years.  Daz carefully describes the differences between his methods and conventional CVR and encourages you to explore both. The best part of the training is the number of targets you get to work in each step.  The training takes a year or more, depending on the speed of the students and during that time you work 60 to 70 targets, starting with simple then moving through to operational style targets.

Personally, Daz is a very kind, patient, and encouraging person and I do not think I have ever seen him without a smile on his face.  The overall experience has been amazing and I can’t recommend it enough.


Dear Daz,

Expressing how grateful I am for your impact on my journey is a bit tricky, but here goes. You’ve truly been the guiding light that turned my adventure into something extraordinary as I delved into Remote Viewing.

On our learning journey, your support and wisdom were amazing. I’ve realized you’re an exceptional teacher, humble yet outstanding. Your dedication to my growth has been consistent. You put in significant effort to support me, paying attention to even the smallest details that could shift my understanding of my sessions or perceptions, improving my communication with my inner self—a big deal in this world.

What really stands out is your patience and understanding. You’ve never laughed at my mistakes or stumbling moments, and your mentorship always brings me back to Earth, helping me understand not just what I’m doing but why.

And let’s not forget your rigor. Your unwavering commitment to excellence has been the backbone of our journey. Your meticulous approach has not only refined my skills but set a standard of rigor that I aim to follow.

Your ability to nurture my curiosity, address my weirdest questions with genuine interest, and guide me without judgment has made our learning journey incredibly enriching. In every session, your presence has been a steady beacon, guiding me through the complexities and uncertainties of Remote Viewing with confidence.

Thank you for being the exceptional mentor that you are.

With deep appreciation,


Daz’s Flow training is among one of the most comprehensive and insightful ones I have participated in. Not only is Daz one of the most accomplished viewers of our time, but he also is a very open and approachable person eager to share his vast knowledge of remote viewing with others. Daz’s FLOW methodology is based on the original CRV method but, based on Daz’s personal insights as a seasoned remote viewer, it also incorporates unique additional techniques and twists that accommodate an easier remote viewing session flow. The training incorporates the basic as well as the intermediate and advanced stages of remote viewing, so it is suitable for novices as well as those who would like to take their skills to the next level. The course has been very hands-on, well-structured and practice-oriented, with plenty of practice targets and session reviews to help viewer development. What sets Daz apart from other remote-viewing instructors is his genuine passion for the subject matter and his dedication to helping his students succeed. He is always willing to go the extra mile to provide advice, support and encouragement, and he creates a learning environment that is both stimulating and supportive.

Daz’s approach to remote viewing mentoring is a refreshing departure from the more traditional teaching styles in the sense that Daz emphasizes the importance of experimentation and exploration, using the tools of the methodology flexibly and in ways that individually suit us best.

Absolute 5 star.


As a first time remote viewer, I was not sure what to expect from an RV course. However, the methodology was easy to grasp and build upon. Daz teaches his FLOW method, which incorporates many features of traditional RV, but also allows the viewer to use their intuition as a guide in a less rigid format. The course includes handouts, PowerPoint presentations by Daz, weekly practice targets, and a regular group zoom meeting for discussion and feedback. There is plenty of time allotted to become proficient with each stage. Daz is always available for questions and support, which is invaluable given his 20 plus years of experience and deep knowledge of remove viewing. Toward the end of the program, our alpha group was able to work advanced “operational style targets” with much success. I recommend this course to anyone interested in remote viewing.



I can’t thank you enough for taking the time to train and mentor me in CRV. I know I’ve mentioned it before, but this has been a dream and goal of mine for a very long time – going back to 1997 when I first learned about RV. Thank you for giving me a chance, for believing in me, and for all of the insights you have bestowed upon me. This skillset/ability has enhanced my life and deepened my own spiritual journey and understanding of things (as well as raised so many other questions). It has brought so much validation to many of the things I’ve wondered about and it has humbled me. It has shown me my own internal values and standards, and brought forth a humility and respect for this discipline. We’ve talked before of the Jedi as a comparison, and I carry that with me feeling often like the spiritual monk in search of that deeper understanding of self and connection to the universe.

As a teacher, your methods were easy to follow, engaging, and encouraging. Although I wanted to jump into all 6 stages on the first day, the steady progression of targets practiced one stage at a time forced me to deepen my understanding of each stage and to take my time to become familiar and comfortable with the structure. You provided me with the resources I needed (in the form of powerpoints, recordings of our conversations, books, links, target feedback, and discussions) to immerse myself in this process. I never felt pressure from you and appreciated your laid-back style. Your insights, experience, and perspectives offered me the confidence to believe in myself. I especially liked our talks about training to remote view in a variety of environments and locations. I am grateful that I was encouraged to experiment with different sounds and locations because I have learned that I don’t need optimal conditions to complete a session. I can remote view anywhere if I train myself to do so, and that took so much anxiety away and helped me better focus on my development.

One of the most meaningful aspects of this training has been all of the invitations you have given me to participate in some incredible projects – whether it was encouraging me to try world events (and being excited about my data), challenging me to try some of the Crypto targets, and lastly and most meaningful, inviting me to join Hellfire. This is the dream come true for me – to be connected with people who have the same curiosity and courage to actively search for answers. Being invited to participate by you has boosted my confidence but also forced me to stay humble and honest. Thank you so very much for this wonderful gift you have bestowed upon me, Daz. I am forever grateful.

As for improving and mentoring suggestions for improvement, I found that after I was trained in all of the stages I hit a point of frustration because I was missing multiple targets. Fortunately, through comments in the online FB group you created, I was able to get some advice and encouragement that helped me push through. My suggestion would be to maybe include a portion of training that addresses that point of frustration that I believe most viewers go through. What does it feel like? What does it mean? How do we push through it? I also feel like although I understand the mechanics and meaning of an ideogram, I still have some difficulty in stage 1 interpreting my ideograms. After I started completing drills, this helped me tremendously. Maybe create a section of training that is a combination of muscle-memory and intuitive based. You encouraged me to be mindful of my sensory inputs during everyday life. I understood what you said, but didn’t find the value in it until I reached that point of frustration. Now, when I’m out and about, I try to describe what I’m seeing around me (mentally) as if I’m completing an RV session. This is helping me to improve not only my vocabulary, but also my awareness of the data that is coming to me during a session. Lastly, what has helped me the most after that point of frustration, was learning to better interact with my feedback. I stopped rushing from target to target just to see if I got a ‘hit,’ and started studying my feedback to see where my data correlated. I started learning about the targets and found that my sessions started to improve in quality. Learning about my target has now become another part of my process, and I found comfort in reading about the value of feedback in your most recent 8 Martini’s, as mentioned by Ingo.

Thank you so much for everything, Daz. If there is anything else you need, please don’t hesitate to ask.

All the Best,


Daz is an excellent mentor with a wealth of knowledge and experience.

I have found him to be extremely insightful, generous, patient and encouraging.

He provides incredibly personalized guidance with detailed feedback and notes regarding progress and development.

As well as individual mentoring you also benefit from small group shared learning with regular meetings.

Working with Daz continues to inspire a new level of curiosity and love of the process.