“As a professional Remote Viewer with well over two decades of experience, I can help you discover your excellence, fine-tune your potential and help you create your path to success when you learn to be the best remote viewer you can be through RV mentoring.”

– Daz Smith

My name is Daz Smith and Welcome to Tier1 and to taking this important first step towards improving your intuitive ability.

I created Tier1 for two things. First – to mentor people like yourself in this amazing tool called RV ( Remote Viewing). Secondly –  to also provide a community and tools where we can grow teams of trained remote viewers and provide them the environment whereby they can actually utilize this skill in the real world on; fun, humanitarian, client & business, and even exploratory projects.

Using my natural ability, skills, and decades of experience and research in RV, my aim is to help mentor you through this development. Not is some quick, ‘get this done in a few days training – process, but in a personal mentoring, on a one-to-one basis that develops at your personal needs and a speed to suit.

My research into RV and my own experience has taught me that this process needs time to breathe and develop with each new student and I feel that a longer, more intimate longer-term process of mentoring & help is a better solution.

I will mentor you in ‘flow’ – which is my adapted practice of Ingo’s CRV, adapted by me with a more progressive philosophy & understanding and also small changes to some of its tools based on my decades of using RV for real world solutions and needs. In essence, my ‘flow’ mentoring and practice has a core of Ingo’s CRV but a heart of Zen and the acceptance of change, of expression, of individuality, and of the symbiotic growth of the user with the RV process.

We will cover remote viewing history, Ingo’s CRV, my adaptions and philosophy around RV, and You will engage in up to 100 training sessions and group work. You will also be invited into a closed chat space and much more. My aim is to get you to a level whereby you can then take this amazing tool and start to explore the universe and use this for your very own goals & needs.


So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to change YOUR life and learn to use your own natural intuitive ability to the very best that you can and to be a Tier1 remote viewer?

If the answer is yes then contact me with any questions or inquiries on Remote Viewing mentoring, I really look forwards to taking this journey with you.

All the best…

Daz Smith - Tier1